Biography Felipe Otondo  

Studied acoustics in Chile where he started composing and performing music for experimental theatre and ran several performance projects with actors and musicians. In 1999 he moved to Denmark to undertake post-graduate studies in sound perception at Aalborg University focusing on spatial sound and timbre perception. He studied composition at the Carl Nielsen Academy with Anders Brødsgaard where he composed and performed various compositions and took part in several interdisciplinary projects with visual artists. For several years he worked as a research fellow at the Acoustic Technology unit of the Danish Technical University in projects exploring the directional characteristics of musical instruments for room auralizations in collaboration with the musical acoustics team at IRCAM.

In 2005 he pursued his composition studies at the University of York in England with Ambrose Field and Roger Marsh focusing on electroacoustic composition and music theatre. His works have been performed in festivals and events in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas and received, among others, the first prize at the 2008 Citta di Udine International Composition Competition, the first prize at the 2012 Radio France International Quartz prize, the first prize at the 2013 Musica Nova competition in Prague and the first prize at the 2016 Citta di Udine International Composition Competition in Udine, Italy. He also collaborated with Neil Sorrell in the music for the BAFTA-award winning radio play The Glass Man commissioned by BBC radio 4. His research work has been published in various peer-reviewed journals like Organised Sound, Computer Music Journal, Acta Acustica and the Journal of Music, Technology and Education.

Between 2006 and 2008 worked as lecturer at Leeds College of Music and Northern School of Contemporary Dance teaching courses related to composition and music technology. In 2008 joined the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University, where he worked as a lecturer until 2014 teaching various UG and PG music courses.

Felipe is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Universidad Austral in Chile, where he is developing the Soundlapse project, a large scale interdisciplinary collaboration exploring wetland soundscapes in the city of Valdivia. His current research interests involve critical listening, field recordings, spatial sound, electronic music and sound installations. His music is released by the British label Sargasso.